Shanghai Electric Power Semiconductor Engineering Center Inaugurated
2021/03/23  EN_正规赌钱软件app

On March 10, Shanghai Electric Power Semiconductor Engineering Center was inaugurated at the Central Academe. Yang Hong, President of Shanghai Electric Group, and Zhang Mingjie, Chief Investment Officer, were present.

The center is co-established by Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Group and the Central Academe. As a pioneer of Shanghai Electric in exploring inter-industrial group coordinative R&D model, the center converges talents, resources and information to develop capabilities on trend analysis and evaluation of power semiconductor technologies and on bespoke module design and test for specific applications. Therefore, it is a next-generation provider of power module design and application solutions that can contribute to realize national goals of carbon peak and carbon neutral.

What’s more, it has set up a characteristic management and organization structure. Firstly, it forms an administration committee comprising of personnel from both Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Group and the Central Academe, which is responsible for making decisions and giving directions on major issues. R&D and management staff from both units work at the Central Academe as a joint team. Secondly, it invites leading external experts as consultants who are from Xidian University, Fudan University, Power Electronics Research Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute and Japanese Semiconductor Expert and Investment Company, representing both the whole industry and crucial links on the industrial chain. At the same time, it forms an internal expert team by bringing in professionals from Shanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Fuji Electric Power Technology Co, Ltd. thanks to the Shanghai Electric Power Electronics Technology Alliance. Thirdly, it promotes in-depth corporation with China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance and Center for Shanghai Silicon Carbide Power Devices Engineering & Technology Research of Fudan University.

Yang Hong congratulated on the establishment of the center and hoped it would leverage electrical resources to forge new patterns for win-win cooperation and to boost new industries of the group. Xiao Weihua, President of Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Group, and Xie Xueqiong, Party Secretary of the Central Academe, unveiled the nameplate of the center together.