Shanghai Electric Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

Guiding by the general group principle of efficiency, standardization, and centralization, Shanghai Electrical Industrial Investment Company Limited executes management on behalf of Shanghai Electric for its equity participation companies as a management platform.

Shanghai Electrical Industrial Investment Company Limited is a holding subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited. By June 2019, the total asset of SEIIC is 4.88 billion CNY, net asset 4.73 billion CNY, it invests and manages 13 Sino-foreign and Sino-Chinese Joint Venture companies. SEIIC involves in different industries such as core automotive components, precision machinery seal, modern agricultural machinery, high pressure cleaning equipment, and household air conditioner. Its partners in JV companies vary from Fortune Global 500 or top 3 in the industry, including DENSO Japan, Mitsubishi Electric Japan, K?rcher Germany, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries(IHI)Japan, EagleBurgmann Germany etc.