11th Consecutive No.1 Provider Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Re-Selected as No.1 Provider by Top 500 Real Estate Companies
2021/03/23  EN_正规赌钱软件app

On March 16, the China Top 500 Real Estate Companies Conference published the “First-Choice Providers by Top 500”. Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. was re-selected as the No.1 provider in the elevator category with 19% of the top 500 developers seeing it as their first choice, making it the holder of the first position for a 11th year in a row.

The China Top 500 Real Estate Companies Conference, co-hosted by China Real Estate Association and Yiju China Real Estate Evaluation Center, has been held for 13 consecutive years. Its evaluation and researches have been used as important criteria in assessing overall strengths of real estate developers and their industrial positions.