Shanghai Electric Wins Smart Rail O&M Project
2020/06/25  EN_正规赌钱软件app

Shanghai Rail Transit Group of Shanghai Electric secured a 1,785 billion yuan bid for smart O&M of Shanghai Metro Line 5 on June 15. The group will offer smart O&M services for facilities and equipment concerning train, power supply, and traffic signaling throughout their lifecycle.

The 33.87 km Line 5 is a transit artery in southwest Shanghai, with 50 trains scheduled to run and stop at 19 stations along the line. It also has 1 control center, 2 parking lots, and 1 depot in Pingzhuang. Shanghai Electric will provide its industry-leading "i-PHMart" platform for urban rail transit O&M and health management to secure safe, efficient, and smart services for users. Together with a dedicated O&M team, the platform will ensure reliable and immediate support for transit safety.

Under the Yangtze River Delta Integration strategy, Shanghai Electric will replicate the successful practice of Line 5 and expand its presence in the delta region and nationwide. Ultimately, the group aims to grow into a leading supplier of multi-system rail transit O&M services both at home and abroad.