Shanghai Electric Automation Group/Shanghai Electric Rail Transit Group

Shanghai Electric Automation Group/Shanghai Electric Rail Transit Group is directly subordinate to Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. As one of Shanghai Electric’s core businesses, the group specializes in developing automation system solutions, automation products and equipment, owning such qualifications as “A-level Qualification as Building Intelligent System Designer” and “Class I Qualification as Professional Contractor of Electronic and Intelligent Engineering”.

Group Introduction

Shanghai Electric Automation Group/Shanghai Electric Rail Transit Group, based on products, oriented to technology integration, with the business model of providing system solutions, is focused on developing automation solutions for such fields as smart manufacturing, intelligent transportation and smart city, and manufacturing aerospace equipment, CNC machine tools, 3D printing equipment, new energy equipment and other automation products and equipment. By acquiring the superior enterprises in the automation field, such as Broetje - Automation GmbH and Manz AG, the group has obtained leading technologies and products in this filed, increased the productivity of the factory, and at the same time enhanced the vitality of the city.

Automation products and technology are an important part of Shanghai Electric’s core business, and have long been included in the key development and support industries. In order to accelerate the transition of technological energy level in automation industry and cultivate new economic growth points, in August, 2011, Shanghai Electric established the Automation Division, and in November, 2016, founded Shanghai Electric Automation Group.

31.5 billion
main business revenue in 2019

Adhering to the philosophy of “innovation-driven & transformational development”, the group has vigorously promoted innovation in technology and management, systems and institutions. At abroad, it bravely goes out and adopted new joint venture and cooperation forms to expand new businesses; at home, focused on development, it attaches much importance to independent innovation, and strengthens stock business, thus building the automation industry into a modern and international industrial group.