Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group") was established in 2006. The business of the company covers intelligent design and manufacturing of wind turbine Generators, intelligent operation and maintenance of wind farms, wind resource evaluation, digital wind farm investment and development, management of wind farm assets, intelligent energy and etc. The wind turbine capacity ranges from 1.25MW to 8MW+ with full capacity range coverage.

Group Introduction

Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group, based on six R&D centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Denmark and other regions, has built a global technical R&D system. The combination of technology introduction and independent R&D leads the innovation and development of Chinese wind power industry. Based on 12 manufacturing factories and 8 regional service centers in Putian, Guangdong, Shantou, Inner Mongolia, Ximeng, Gansu, Jiangsu and Jinchang, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group has built the ultimate experience of the product supply and the service guarantee. Iwind data center, depended on advanced concepts such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data, provides strong platform support for wind resource assessment, intelligent diagnosis, operation and maintenance, intelligent management of wind farm assets, etc. to realize cost reduction and proceeds for customers by virtue of digitalization and intelligence.

10B Chinese Yuan
Annual Turnover
Market Share of Offshore Wind Power
11 GW+
Accumulated Installed Capacity

In the new era with the new opportunities, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group is actively seeking strategic transformation with great attention to cutting-edge technical R&D, consolidation of the international cooperation with top enterprises and institutions, and constant lead of wind power development. Extension of the industrial chain, development of digital wind farms, intelligent operation and maintenance and other sections to change to full life-cycle service providers; Benchmarking of international top enterprises, constant development of overseas markets with international vision, acceleration of the pace of "being global" to actively turn the company to be an international company.


Vision:Global Leading Wind Power Service Provider along Full Product Life-cycle

Mission: Commit to Producing Energy with Future

Value: Always One Night before Clients