Strive for excellence with craftsman's spirit Seek value innovation to stand out Pursue win-win cooperation for customer success

Craftsman's spirit and excellence are the foundation on which we build everything we do. Craftsman's spirit is the essential ingredient of meticulous attention to detail and persistent diligence, and excellence is the pursuit of perfection and top quality. As a member of an equipment manufacturing company, each employee should have the craftsman's spirit to strive for excellence.

Value innovation is the only way for us to achieve our goals. Innovation is at the core of all of our work, and value is the purpose and ultimate metric of innovation. We encourage creating value as a result of innovation, rather than pursuing novelty through innovation.

Win-win cooperation is our major strategy to make us keep improving what we do. We should work with our partners to embrace new ideas and thinking more openly, and grow together with stakeholders by building flexible mechanisms and sharing benefits.

Customer success is the permanent goal of all our efforts. We adopt a customer-focused approach to provide best-of-breed products and services, and have an acute insight into customer needs to create value for customers by leveraging new industries, models and technologies, seeking to achieve the success of both customers and the company.