We have more than a decade of experience and practices in many manufacturing industries. By pooling superior industrial resources and capitalizing on our strength in high-end equipment manufacturing, we have built a new-generation integrated industrial Internet platform encompassing the entire value chain. It offers a series of value-added services including industrial APP, industrial algorithms, and big data analysis. The platform which adopts digital technologies will help empower the broad industry, drive innovation in industrial models, and help industrial enterprises catch up.

 We have more than a decade of experience and practices in many manufacturing industries. 


1. SEunicloud offers a variety of applications to empower product lifecycle value chain;

2. We present a full data-driven innovation and R&D system that prioritizes building core capabilities and supports R&D with big data;

3. SEunicloud facilitates the integration of OT and IT, and makes factories no longer an isolated information island. It offers such applications as equipment management, production management, in-factory maintenance, and quality tracing. With these efforts, factories can optimize process parameters, improve production efficiency and product quality, realize emission reduction, and increase equipment availability. They can also reap benefits from stock assets;

4. User and region profile are leveraged to equip customers with precision marketing, thus better retaining consumers and improving sales;

5. We offer comprehensive aftermarket services. It includes extending the value of product lifecycle management, improving service quality and customer satisfaction, increasing efficiency in equipment operation and maintenance, and reaping economic profits from parts prediction. That is how the aftermarket service delivers better economic benefits and helps improve profitability;

6. Targeting supply chain finance, the platform can enhance risk control capabilities and lower financial transaction cost based on dynamic data. This means enterprises involved in the supply chain can enjoy convenient financial services and risk control management.

Application Cases

Taking into consideration characteristics of the electrical industry, we will empower a number of vertical industries and introduce industrial applications.

1. Solutions for industrial robots

2. Integrated O&M platform for machine tool

3. Solutions for energy storage battery

4. Solutions for smart wind power

5. Integrated O&M platform for elevators

6. Service platform for smart fluid power and mechatronics

7. Solutions for rehabilitation

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