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Wastewater Treatment(WT)
SEW focus on recycling and zero liquid discharge of industrial high salinity wastewater treatment using thermal and membrane desalination technologies and commit to provide customers integrated solution with innovative, environmentally friendly and significant cost advantages.

    SEW provides professional technical solutions consulting, engineering design, EPC services and modular industrial wastewater treatment equipment. Our business scope covers desulfurization wastewater treatment, circulating cooling effluent wastewater treatment, mine produced water treatment, high salt & high organics wastewater treatment, industry zone integrated wastewater treatment and others. We have completed many ZLD projects.

Through continuous exploration and innovation. Shanghai electric group has accumulated a lot of technical and engineering experience in the field of advanced wastewater treatment with high technical diffculty, complex water quality components and large project scale, which can provide customers in various fields with complete personalized system solutions with high system stability and significant cost advantages.

SWE has efficient pretreatment, RO concentration, advanced oxidation, thermal concentration, salt and crystallization and High-concentration carrier gas extraction (CGE).


According to different wastewater quality and heat source conditions, common thermal concentration technologies include MED, MVC and TVC. SEW extends the these technologies in the wastewater desalination process, which can make the most of waste heat in the plant and provide customers with waste heat utilization system.


Based on the experience of membrane engineering in seawater desalination treatment, SEW has successfully developed a high-recovery reverse osmosis concentration technology, which can be applied to deep desalination treatment, reducing the investment and operating costs of the entire zero emission system.


CGE is an innovative water treatment technology and the characteristics lies in low pretreatment requirements, excellent anticorrosion and anti-scaling performance, and high concentration of TDS in brine. CGE has extremely low requirements on heat sources, and can use various types of waste steam, hot water, and flue gas in the

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